Latest news from the Massachusetts Forest Alliance

State Offers Grants to Upgrade your Woodstoves

Got an older woodstove you’d like to replace with a newer, more efficient unit?  If so, you may want to look into the Commonwealth’s Woodstove Change-Out Program which is offering grants of up to $2,250 for homeowners who install more efficient EPA-certified wood or pellet stoves. (more…)

How will the New Federal Bat Regulations Affect Your Woodland?

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on April 1st announced that it will list the northern long-eared bat as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), an action that could result in significant restrictions on logging operations during the months of June and July in 37 states, possibly including Massachusetts. (more…)

Southern Pine Beetles Found in Connecticut

The highly destructive Southern pine beetle, which has devastated thousands of acres of pines in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens region, has been found in multiple locations in Connecticut. (more…)

Imported Insect Kills Thousands of Red Pines at Myles Standish State Forest

More than 100,000 red pines at Myles Standish State Forest in Plymouth are being removed after being killed by the imported red pine scale. The massive tree removal operation is being done to reduce the threat of life threatening blowdowns and wildfires from the large areas of dead trees. (more…)

Greenfield Town Council to Vote on Biomass Restrictions

The Greenfield Town Council will consider a proposed town ordinance April 15th that would strictly regulate, and in part forbid, uses of woody biomass for energy. The ordinance has been under development since a large scale biomass energy plant proposed for the town’s industrial park set off a local furor five years ago. (more…)